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Biota Biosciences supplies CBD Raw Materials to businesses in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.  


We adapt to the financial capabilities to provide cost-effective, reliable, high-quality supply of CBD Raw Materials, Hemp Oil Extracts, and private label/white label products. We keep our pricing in-line with the industry, ensuring that our customers have access to competitive rates for all kinds of CBD Products. In order to take advantage of the most cost-effective solutions, consider entering into a medium to a long-term supply agreement with BIOTA Biosciences.

For companies starting out in the CBD Industry, we offer flexible solutions to access premium quality products with 2.5x - 4x  margins. Unlike many other companies in our field, we do not have any hidden fees. For private label orders, packaging, labeling, bottling is always included in the price. 

Contact us to receive the latest pricing for all of our products. 

Spot Purchasing

✓ Short Lead Times

✓ Negotiable volume-based pricing

✓ High production capacity

✓ Trial-runs

✓ Wide product selection


Biota Biosciences offers medium to long-term supply contracts. Engaging in contractual agreements enables us to offer better rates.


Supply Agreements

✓ Medium to Long-Term supply agreements

✓ Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly deliveries

✓ Better rates compared to spot purchases

✓ Warranties against non-performance

✓ 'Tailor-Made' guaranteed supply schedule

✓ Custom product acceptance protocol implementation

✓ Grace Period 

✓ Price Lock

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