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The healthiest thirst quencher | Proprietary Water Soluble CBD Technology | Private Label & Wholesale

Biota Biosciences offers CBD infused aloe vera beverage and other organic birch sap drinks for private label and wholesale ordering.

About BIOTA CBD Aloe Vera & Birch Sap Beverages

Our organic birch tree water is collected only in certified organic forests at the beginning of March, when birch sap provides the most nutrients. Naturally enriched with vitamins, minerals and unique amino acids vital to your body. Sap is a low-calorie drink (only 3 kcal in 100 ml of pure sap). Mixed with pure, natural & organic water soluble CBD, birch sap drink makes the perfect healthy refreshment. All of our beverages consist of 100% natural birch water, organic, suitable for vegans, gluten free. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, vitamin C, iron, zinc, phenol, and amino acids. 

BIOTA Water Soluble CBD is achieved without the use of nano-technology. Our proprietary raw material does not make the beverage milky or cloudy, unlike other 'water soluble' solutions. 


BIOTA CBD Beverages are eligible for international export/import. Contact us for more information. 

Private Label CBD Birch Sap Beverages

PURE - the best choice for athletes and health enthusiasts. 

MINT - everyone’s favourite, refreshing minty flavour. 

LEMON - freshly sour source of vitamin C. 

GINGER & LIME - friend of your immune system, but also goes well in cocktails.

CRANBERRY - a perfect duo of sap and flavourful cranberry juice. 

ALOE VERA PIECES / PULP - a favorite between children but equally loved by parents. 

RHUBARB - recipe from the past still loved in the times of start-ups.

SPARKLING WITH MINT - a new and healthy way to enjoy bubbles! 

Biota Biosciences is a private label, bulk & wholesale supplier of CBD Birch Sap Beverages.

PRODUCTS: CBD Aloe Vera & Birch Sap Drinks  

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