Our Cannabidiol (CBD) OIl Raw Materials are used by manufacturers in the following industries:


CBD Industry

Biota CBD Isolate dissolves in any oil or alcohol based solvent, such as Hemp Seed Oil, MCT, Coconut or Olive Oil. 

Our CBD-rich Full Spectrum Oil, Isolate & distillate can be used to infuse a variety of products with CBD - produce CBD Oil tinctures, CBD Gelcaps, CBD Gummies and other edibles, CBD pet food, or to increase the potency of other CBD oils.

Pharmaceutical Industry

High quality Pure CBD Isolate is used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for formulation of pharmaceuticals. In an industry where quality and purity is above all else, our 99% Pure CBD Crystals is the perfect choice.

Cosmetics Industry

Infusing your cosmetic product line with CBD will broaden your potential client base by implementing a therapeutic effect. Use using BIOTA CBD Oil to make CBD Body Cream, CBD Salve, CBD Lotion or CBD Balm.

Vape / E-Liquid Industry

Combining two fast-growing industries - CBD and vaping. E-liquids with CBD have become increasingly popular due to the fact that CBD bioavailability is the highest when inhaled. Effectiveness of CBD depends heavily on the route of administration.

Our CBD isolate dissolves in PG/VG.

Manufacturing organic CBD raw materials requires significant quantities of hemp, making the price of raw materials fluctuate consistently, often from harvest to harvest. Never let your clients down by choosing to partner with BIOTA Biosciences. We offer stable, steady supply for CBD Traders.




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