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We take the burden of organizing & tracking inventory, packing boxes, and shipping out of your hands, so you can focus on selling more. Order fulfillment for CBD products can be expensive and it may be difficult to find a reliable provider, as many major fulfillment warehouses are reluctant to take in CBD sellers. To take care of this problem for our clients, we offer order fulfillment services from 3 locations - Seattle, WA | San Diego, CA | Vilnius, Lithuania (EU). Available exclusively to BIOTA clients.

Go Global

Expand your CBD business internationally by using our European order fulfillment!


Your customers will not know that their order is fulfilled by BIOTA.


As our fulfillment service is available exclusively to our clients, we offer favorable rates.


We offer custom boxes, inserts, and other extras to help you maintain your brand’s identity.

How does it work?

When you place your order with BIOTA Biosciences and opt-in for BIOTA Order Fulfillment (dropshipping), your inventory is sent to one of our fulfillment locations. Your account manager will collect all the necessary information, including any custom pack-out requirements. When you receive an order, your customer’s shipping information is sent to us, we pack and dispatch the order using the carrier of your choice (USPS, UPS, or FedEx). 

Take your CBD Business International - Easily

BIOTA Biosciences offers CBD Oil order fulfillment services out of 3 locations situated in USA and Europe. By using our cost-effective European order fulfillment service, your products will be shipped to your European customers locally, avoiding multiple exports, duties, and high shipping fees. CBD Oil is in high demand in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany. Grow your market share by partnering with BIOTA Biosciences. 
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