Retail CBD Starter Pack (Sation Wellness)

Sation Wellness Starter Pack contains a collection of the best-selling premium CBD Oil products. This package includes brochures, instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, making you a CBD expert instantly!


Total Retail Value: $2400

Retail CBD Starter Pack (Sation Wellness)

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$995.00Sale Price

5x CBD Oil Tinctures 1000MG (1oz, Spearmint)
10x CBD Oil Tinctures 500MG (1oz, Spearmint)
10x Gummies 25MG Each (30 Count)
10x Capsules 10MG Each (30 Count)
5x Pain Relief Cream 1000MG (50mL)
10x Everyday Use Cream 300MG (50mL)

All products are THC-Free.




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