CBD Essentials Bundle

CBD Essentials Bundle contains a lineup of the best-selling premium CBD Oil products for your business. This bundle covers medium and high strength CBD Oils and a topical relief salve. This bundle is ideal for stores that would like to introduce a safe lineup of CBD products that are in high-demand.



150x 1000 MG CBD Oil Tinctures ($16.10 instead of $20.25 per unit)

50x 2000 MG CBD Oil Tinctures ($23.75 instead of $27.00 per unit)

100x 500 MG CBD Topical Balm ($14.00 instead of $16.00 per unit)

Total Savings by purchasing bundle: $985.00

Total Retail Value: $14,985.00


Would you like to customize a bundle & take advantage of extra savings? Contact us! 866-996-2293 / hq@biotacbd.com.

CBD Essentials Bundle

Type of CBD

150x 1000 MG CBD Oil Tinctures
50x 2000 MG CBD Oil Tinctures
100x 500 MG CBD Relief Balm 




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