Wholesale Private Label, White Label & Bulk Hand Sanitizer For Sale

Biota Biosciences is joining the global fight against COVID-19 by providing highly effective antibacterial hand sanitizers for wholesale and bulk buyers. This product is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. We maintain the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards and exercise rigorous quality control to provide worldwide companies with wholesale hand sanitizers and other medical supplies.

Product Attributes:

  • Alcohol Content: 70% - 80%

  • Potent Antibacterial Formula

  • Eliminates many common germs and bacteria quickly

  • Sizes: 100 mL / 300mL / 500mL Pump Bottles (Private Label)

  • Bulk Size: 275 gallon Totes

  • Sanitizer Gel & Liquid options

  • Bulk Sanitizer by the gallon available

  • Fast Domestic Bulk Delivery

  • International Shipping to All Countries 

  • CIF Prices for Wholesale Buyers

Biota Biosciences is a white label, private label, wholesale supplier of Hand Sanitizers.

We have +200 Totes (275 gal. per tote) of Bulk Hand Sanitizer in stock!

Hand sanitizer is one of the most out of stock products in retail locations worldwide. We continue to work multiple shifts to increase our daily production capacity. Our products are priced to sell B2B.

Fill the form below and our sales team will get in touch with you within 30 minutes

or call +1 (866) 966-2293 to place your wholesale hand sanitizer order by phone

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is your production capacity? 
Our production capacity is 40,000 gallons per day.

2) Can you put our logo on the sanitizers?

Yes, we provide a label template for you to create your artwork. We print and affix your labels without any extra charges.


3) What is the current production time?

The current production time is 7 to 15 days.

Bulk order production time is 3 to 5 days.


4) What are the delivery terms?

On orders over 50,000 units, we offer incoterm CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) delivery terms.


5) What are the delivery options?

Sea freight (35 day delivery); air express freight (5 to 7 day delivery); domestic freight (3 to 5 day delivery, bulk only).

6) How to order wholesale hand sanitizers?

You can place your order by filling the quote request form below, or by calling BIOTA at +1 866-996-2293.

We understand the current circumstances and the dire need for essential sanitary items around the globe. Contact us with your requirements and we will go above & beyond to help. BIOTA can supply hand sanitizers, protective gowns, and visors.





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