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Worldwide Expertise & Regulatory Compliance

Biota Biosciences is a leading USA based supplier and contract manufacturer of wholesale, private label, and white label CBD Oil products. We provide the finest quality, regulatory compliant, CBD Hemp Oil and water soluble CBD production at cost-effective rates worldwide. 

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All-natural, pharmaceutical grade sterile CBD products developed to provide safe relief to patients


CURCUMIN 500mg / 10mL

Multiple Dose (10) Sterile Vial

CBD + CURCUMIN 40mg + 500mg / 10mL

Multiple Dose Sterile Vial

Cannabidiol (CBD) 40mg / 10mL

Multiple Dose (10) Sterile Vial

CBD, is a compound that when taken by a patient is utilized by the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and its ability to suppress pain and aid in the detoxification processes has highlighted it as a promising therapeutic for a wide array of disorders such as epilepsy, including many challenging neuropathy conditions. When patients consider trying a new therapeutic like CBD, there are many options for delivery that can be more efficacious to the patient. One delivery option is BIOTA CBD Sterile Vial therapy. One concerning question comes to mind is the question of potential side effects. As to date, there is no published data to indicate that this is the case.


Sterile Cannabidiol (CBD) Vial supplementation

  • Bypass liver absorption completely making CBD immediately 100% bioavailable

  • Delivers 100% CBD directly into your blood stream

  • Deliver high concentrations of CBD unattainable with the oral or inhalation route

  • Painless

  • Instant relief for patients that are symptomatic of inflammatory auto-immune diseases

  • Immediate impact on patient


Sterile CBD Vial administration of CBD in patients have no indications of potentially adverse outcomes. These results regarding CBD safety and tolerability have been supported by more recent clinical studies. For example, in a 2018, an evaluation of various CBD dose delivery treatment for patients with inflammatory diseases, researchers reported that CBD therapy was “well tolerated” and posed “no safety concerns.” (source: Human Pharmacokinetics and Adverse Effects of Pulmonary and Intravenous THC-CBD Formulations). While some medical professionals point out that the overall body of literature on the safety of CBD Vial therapy is lacking, the studies that have been conducted all indicate that CBD therapy is not likely to cause the patient to experience side effects. 

Our products are manufactured in an FDA Registered, GMP Certified facility, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Fighting the opioid epidemic

Our world is dealing with an opioid crisis. Over 80% of the global pharmaceutical opioid supply is consumed in the United States. Opioids are known to cause addiction and may result in respiratory depression, respiratory failure, and death.

BIOTA Biosciences produces and distributes effective all-natural alternatives with no side-effects. 

Join the growing ranks of pain, oncology, psychiatry, naturopathy healthcare professionals utilizing BIOTA Sterile CBD Vials. 

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